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This System is in good physical and electrical condition. We could not fully test the tracking generator.

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It did perform well as a frequency counter. One item of note is that one side of each front handle on the T is cracked. No cables are included with the unit to connect the tracking generator to the spectrum analyzer. The instrument has variable persistence duration of trace afterglow and storage of CRT displays. Persistence is variable from 0. A display can be stored at reduced intensity for more than 2 hours or displayed normal intensity for up to 1 minute.

Stored displays can be erased in 35o milliseconds. Variable persistence is especially useful for viewing slow-sweep signals. The persistence of the signals can be adjusted to provide a complete trace, yet to fade fast enough to prevent interference with the next trace and can be adjusted to eliminate flicker and still provide high resolution. The storage feature of the instrument can be used to store single-shot waveforms and to later view or photograph the phenomena.

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Comparison of waveforms can be accomplished by storing several displays separately and then viewing them simultaneously. Input Impedance: 50 ohm nominal. Scan Time: 16 internal scan rates from 0. The A also includes a 7-digit frequency counter section which can monitor internal or external signals up to MHz. Track Analyzer Mode of the A displays the counted frequency of a tunable marker. It has an internal ovenized 1 MHz timebase with an accuracy of 1 x We just received another HP A Generator.

If the new one functions correctly, it will be substituted for the one in the photos. It is very clean physically and does not have the cracked handle. As our many customers will attest, we will do our very best to resolve any customer problems. But our official policy is:. We will make every effort to ship within 24 hours of receipt of payment. We ship with FedEx only.

We will be glad to ship with other carriers using the purchasers shipping account. Please contact us to make any special shipping arrangements. Please do not ask us to quote you international shipping rates. Use the address information above to research you own shipping rates. You can email waltwhite ascentconcepts. Items sold outside the USA are sold as is.

Hewlett Packard 180D & 8558B Spectrum Analyzer Repair (HP 180D, HP 8558B)

We accept Credit Card payment through Paypal.This is just one among the several ones that he owns. The plugin inserted into the slot drives the vertical deflection plates directly and signal to the horizontal amplifier comes from the plugin as well.

In short, D is just an XY monitor as I mentioned. It could be an oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, stethoscope, stereoscope, rocket launcher, whatever, depending on the plugin that you insert. In this case, it came with the B spectrum analyzer plugin.

Even if you are familiar with electronics, be very careful when you work on something like this, a maximum potential difference of V DC is used in this equipment. The first problem was that there was no sweep on the CRT, and the display was a small tiny trace on the bottom right corner of the screen. You need to search to find the main frame model number, not sure why they decided to mark it all the way down and call it an oscilloscope, may be more scope plug-ins exist than spectrum analyzer ones?

The top cover is removed and you can see the nerves of the spectrum analyzer plugin. Top left is the low voltage power supply. Close up of the power supply rectifier board. You can see the zener is cooking the PCB. I have seen this in many HP gear. Oh, forgot the power supply regulator, it is behind the chassis, can be accessed by removing a covering plate.

Standard linear regulator referring to single regulated source rail. Nothing fancy here, very typical power supply design… series pass, current sensing, and zener based reference.

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As always I do a detailed visual inspection, kind of strip search of the whole unit for clues, traces of other intruders who were in before. It always helped me with troubleshooting.

hp spectrum analyzer models

I typically photograph these to document. This instrument also had its share of extras inside it, but one simple RF shield or spring load sort of thing, sitting on the edge of the chassis -when I removed the cover.

Here it is. I quickly checked the sweep output signal from the back of the unit and that was dead, which means the plugin is not providing any sweep.It is designed for spectrum and scalar network measurements from 10 Hz to MHz. The key measurement contribution of the HP A is fast, highresolution, narrowband measurements.

Model page created by a member from D. See "Data change" for further contributors. All listed radios etc. Eine zusammenfassende Darstellung zum Wobbeln ist unter " Wobbeln: ein Spezialfall der Frequenzmodulation " zu finden.

HP 8591E Spectrum Analyzer functions Patentix Ltd

Da Spektrum-Analysatoren, die einen Tracking Generator haben, stets genau auf der vom Tracking Generator gelieferten Frequenz analysieren, sind sie damit nur zum Wobbeln von solchen Baugruppen geeignet, die eingangsseitig und ausgangsseitig auf der gleichen Frequenz arbeiten, wie z. Beschrieben wird das in " Wobbel-Abgleich mit dem Spektrum-Analysator ". Es wird "Calibration in Progress" angezeigt. Ein Specki, der nur bis MHz geht, ist allerdings heute hoffnungslos veraltet. Ist der Selbsttest jedoch nicht erfolgreich, wird "Calibration Failure" angezeigt, danach erscheint jedoch wieder das Schrimbild.

Nun war guter Rat teuer. Die "Kiste" reparieren? Aber wie? Google Translate:. Use red slider bar for more. Select picture or schematic to display from thumbnails on the right and click for download. MfG DR. Es gilt wohl auch hier das Sprichwort: "Wer rastet, der rostet.Welcome, Guest.

Please login or register. Did you miss your activation email? This topic This board Entire forum Google Bing. Print Search. Read times. I am looking at these two. Both similarly priced, ex rental units. The specs are hard to compare because almost none of it is directly comparable, but the obvious bits look very similar.

I am sure both will be fine for my requirements up to about MHzso I am really looking for comments on quality, plus some non-obvious technical aspects. I will be doing some amplitude modulation, about kHz deviation, so need to be able to check that sort of thing. The screen image quality doesn't look too great on the Anritsu photos I have seen, but maybe they had the brightness turned way up, and the unit does more than the HP one when it comes to controlling it from a laptop, printing off screenshots, etc.

Rudane Regular Contributor Posts: 80 Country:. I have used three HP spectrum analyzers, and I've loved them all. I've only tested an Anritsu spectrum analyzer once. I used the Anritsu for maybe 10 or 15 minutes, but I was very discouraged at the fact they used Windows on their unit.

I'm sure the unit works just fine, but I much prefer the unix OS on my spectrum analyzers. This is just my opinion, so take it at that. I noticed that this Anritsu doesn't seem to use Windows, so maybe they have moved on from that phase.

There are small lies, big lies and then there is what is on the screen of your oscilloscope. It does have better phase noise but not significantly so. If it is a similar display to that used in the MTB radio test set then I've seen a few of those go fuzzy over time. I'd be amazed if you could ever get a schematic for the Anritsu, they don't tend to release them.QRZ Forums. They appear for the most part to be pretty much the same. Wonder if there are others out there familiar with these units, and how they like them.

These units are also marketed as Agilent and Keysight, not sure if there's a difference. My preference is to purchase an older commercial spec analyzer vs. Thanks and 73's. N2HUNFeb 23, If you can get the HPA for a good price, "go for it". Preferably look for an A with the tracking generator option.

Last edited: Feb 23, It was common for techs to over power the input and blow the front ends, but my experience in this was in the broadcast industry where sampling probes were variable and could couple some real serious power out.

Always test a used spectrum analyzer for input sensitivity before buying. If it's open, you'll know it. As Karl-Arne suggests above, the tracking generator is a wonderful option. W1TRYFeb 23, N2HUN likes this. Food for thought. Great price and does a great job. If you get an HP, make sure it has a tracking generator with it. I don't know the HP line but with a tracking generator you can do so much more. KU3XFeb 23, K7TRFFeb 23, CX3CPFeb 23, You need to have some knowledge about what to expect when making spectrum analyser measurements.

As previously stated, it is possible to damage them without realising it when making measurements around transmitters. For these reasons, it is imperative to have couplers and attenuators at hand when setting up a measurement.

hp spectrum analyzer models

Also, nothing can replace foresight and "common sense" when making measurements.EXE is a graphical Win32 program that lets you acquire a succession of spectrum-analyzer display traces over time, with the option to save and replay the acquired data. You can download a sample. SSM recording file here 10 MB. The latest version of the Toolkit is downloadable here. Running SSM.

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You can also run SSM. SSM file. Use quotes around filenames that contain spaces. Load synth test. Favor speed over resolution or other factors if supported SSM 18 -F Run in fullscreen mode SSM 18 -m Record spectral bins per sweep instead of bin default SSM 18 -ao Add -7 dBm to all recorded amplitude values SSM 18 -fo Add 1.

Disable color-smoothing in waterfall display SSM 18 -t Display WiFi channel boundaries in sweeps containing 2. Resample trace using cubic-spline reconstruction SSM 18 -point Resample trace using point-sampled values SSM 18 -max Resample trace using maximum bin values SSM 18 -min Resample trace using minimum bin values SSM 18 -avg Resample trace using average bin values SSM 18 -startup:"xxx" Example using multiple options SSM -sa No GPIB address is needed for this instrument.

SSM no filename or address Controlling the Spectrum Analyzer.

8561E Portable Spectrum Analyzer, 30 Hz to 6.5 GHz

Usable only when not acquiring data. These keys correspond to the Shift-G and Shift-H commands available via the A display's front panel. HP analyzer CRTs tend to age by cathode poisoning. Turning down the Intensity control during unattended operation will prevent phosphor burn-in, but it will not necessarily extend the useful life of your CRT!

On Tektronix, and series analyzers, these commands will blank and unblank the CRT text readout. Threshold Cursor Controls.Skip to main content. Related: tektronix spectrum analyzer rf spectrum analyzer hp signal generator hp oscilloscope ifr-a hp b lecroy oscilloscope hp t spectrum analyzer hp a hp a advantest spectrum analyzer anritsu.

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hp spectrum analyzer models

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